It's Always You
    By Elias Wynshaw

    00:00, Mon 11th – Mon 11th July 2016 at Short film
    Summer Vacation

    A black-and-white fifteen-minute drama, focussed on gender and the psychology of love.

    When Ella and her boyfriend, Josh, experiment with a trip to a nudist beach, the difference in how we treat female and male bodies becomes all too apparent. She is immediately photographed by a stranger, and the difference in their reactions to this crisis strains their relationship. But as they struggle through, encountering their own fears and weaknesses, we witness the redemption that comes of two people doing their best.

    It's Always You is a quiet meditation on freedom in relationships. How free are we to choose how we treat the people we love? What responsibilities do we have to fight our limitations? It is inspired by the eye-level humanity of films such as Raging Bull and 45 Years, the quiet poetry of Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life, Days of Heaven), and the dreamy rhythms of Andrei Tarkovsky (Stalker, The Sacrifice). This film will engage the audience in a conversation about the future of love. It will leave them feeling uplifted and un-alone.


    Man on Beach

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