The Jungle Book- Cobwebs and Moontalk: Edinburgh
By After Rudyard Kipling

19:30, Sun 31st July 2016 at St. Boswell's Village Hall
15:45, Thu 4th August 2016 - Sun 21st August 2016 at C South, Edinburgh
Summer Vacation

When Two-Tails the elephant escapes from camp, Elsie Kipling pounces on the chance of an adventure. Running alone into the darkness of the Indian Jungle, she discovers the hidden world of The Jungle Book.

Come climb the leafy canopy with the Banderlog monkies, learn the laws of the jungle with Baloo and Bagheera and run with the Seeonee Wolf pack. But, beware the fearsome hunger of Kaa!

Strung Up Theatre return with a story-telling extravanganza combining aerial acrobatics, live music and puppetry. Adapted from Kipling’s original tales, The Jungle Book: Cobwebs and Moontalk is an adventure of mischief and mystery for all the family.


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