DDS and The Heong Gallery present: In Memoriam // Arts After Dark

    19:30, Wed 29th November 2017 at The Heong Gallery
    Michaelmas Week 8

    The Heong Gallery's latest exhibition showcases the life and work of Dame Elisabeth Frink, whose art deals with notions of war, fear, and moral resonpsibility. One series of sculptures, titled: 'In Memoriam', was created by Frink to honour those who have suffered because of their beliefs.

    Downing Dramatic Society, in collaboration with The Heong Gallery, presents Arts After Dark: In Memoriam. We have curated a collection of nine short monologues, poems, and performances which higlight the kinds of experiences Frink endeavoured to honour through her art.

    The texts have all been sourced from individuals throughout history who have faced such trials: conscientious objectors, prisoners of conscience, activists for civil and human rights. The collection of writers and poets is diverse, ranging from across the many years, many countries, and from the mouths men, women, and children.

    The performances will be staged in the gallery, against a backdrop of Frink's own artwork. The evening is free for all to attend, but space in the gallery is limited to make sure you arrive early to secure a seat!

    Wine and nibbles will be provided on the night.


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