Freshers' Audition 'Workshops'
    By Actors' Reps

    17:00, Sat 7th – Sun 8th October 2017 at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)
    Michaelmas Week 0 to Week 1

    New to Cambridge?
    Not new to Cambridge, but new to theatre?
    Not new to Cambridge OR theatre?

    Audition Workshops will take place this Saturday 7th October at 17:00 and Sunday 8th October at 16:00 in the ADC Larkum Studio (just ask at the bar or the front desk if you are unsure of where to go). The workshops are open to anyone and everyone, regardless of your level of experience!

    Come along to have a chat to Ellie and Adam, the CUADC Actors' Reps, about how auditions in Cambridge tend to work. We'll be on hand to answer any questions, and (hopefully) allay and fears you might have. Tea and biscuits will also be making a cameo appearance...

    You don't have to come on the dot at 5 or 4, we'll be in the Larkum Studio for an hour on each day, so pop in at any point with a question or just to say hi!

    Please send any accessibility concerns or pressing questions to Adam and Ellie at


    Production Team