Two Dunnit
    By Louisa Keight and Robert Eyers

    11:40, Mon 14th – Sat 19th August 2017 at The Space @ Surgeon's Hall
    12:45, Mon 21st – Sat 26th August 2017 at The Space @ Surgeon's Hall
    Summer Vacation

    Things are always reasonably ordinary for POIROT - the Penrith Organisation for Investigating the Reasonably Ordinary T(it’s a silent T). A ramshackle team of murder-mystery enthusiasts, their goal is simple: to solve the unsolved mysteries that, until solved, go unsolved every day. Then Lucia Keight and Robin Eyers stumble upon something less ordinary than a missing cat, and more unreasonable than a stolen wristwatch. A body. And one that's dead, to boot.

    A uniquely interactive, tightly-plotted, two-man, multi-roled, scriptprov mystery-farce by a footlight (at the University of Cambridge) and a footnote (of the University of Cambridge) featuring a whole load of laughs, hosts of comic characters and heaps of compound-adjectives (“impossible to flaw” - EdFringe Review) (“Highly Recommended” - Fringe Review) (“comedy genius” - Varsity).


    Lucia Keight
    Robin Eyers

    Production Team