Cambridge Shorts presents...

    Women of Cambridge present: Up Close and Personal - Short Film
    By Alice Sherwood

    00:00, Fri 1st – Sun 3rd December 2017 Venue to be confirmed
    Michaelmas Week 8 to Christmas Vacation

    A fresh and punchy documentary on the everyday objectification and sexual harassment of women.

    Harassment is an intrusive undercurrent throughout many women’s lives. Social conditioning combined with a general feeling of inevitability ensure that such experiences often go unseen by those around her, and are invisible to the naked eye on a sheet of statistics.

    This short documentary will involve interviewing the women of this university and collecting all those stories that have been swept under the carpet. It shall take inspiration from the editing techniques of the French New Wave – replacing the ‘victim video’ with a vibrant portrayal of the women of Cambridge and their experiences.


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