transition presents: ANYONE
    By transition

    17:00, Wed 7th November 2018 at Heong Gallery, Downing College
    Michaelmas Week 5

    the new experimental journal 'transition' is partnering with Downing Dramatic Society and the Heong Gallery to complement the exhibition 'Halfboy' by Stuart Pearson-Wright.
    working from the portraits on the walls and the gallery space as an unusual playing ground, we will present a collection and collage of performances centered around the theme of portraits in the loosest sense...
    anyone will be doing anything that could have anything to do with showing, presenting, introducing, describing or exposing ANYONE,
    this more unusual venue paired with a more unusual approach to performance is your chance to finally see something different, something you couldn't necessarily call 'theatre'.


    Salad Eater
    Palm Reader
    Clingfilm Warrior
    Minute Taker
    Voice From The Past

    Production Team