Cambridge Shorts presents...

    Loxy II
    By Johnny King

    00:01, Mon 4th – Fri 8th March 2019 Venue to be confirmed
    Lent Week 7

    "Got experts on the scene tryna document things, work out what’s what n’all, but word so far - the word so far - is’ no, we’re not at the aeroport. You don’t need a passport to go where she’s goin’"

    This is it for Loxy II. She's had a good run for the last couple of years, but the end of the line is here and various police- and broadcast-associated folks have assembled to chart her final moments.

    Join us for a last glance at Loxy II's thoughts, memories and ponderances. It's going to be a sad one...

    A sequel of sorts to 2017's Pondering a Wall (as featured at Cambridge Shorts;, Loxy II is a short film about all things inevitable and deadpan.


    Loxy II

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