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Niamh Curran: Leaves Belfast @ Edinburgh Fringe

23:00, Sat 3rd – Wed 14th August 2019 at Carnivore ~ Room 1 - 208 Cowgate, Edinburgh
23:00, Sat 17th – Sat 24th August 2019 at Carnivore ~ Room 1 - 208 Cowgate, Edinburgh
Summer Vacation

Footlight Niamh Curran tells her story, and ponders her future.

After 4 years in England, Niamh is shook. She knew from her first day at Cambridge, when she was asked if she had ever considered joining the IRA, that it was going to be a trip. Despite this, she had a good time at uni, making friends with people who didn't seem to mind her propensity to sing Irish rebel songs when drunk. Now it's her turn to go out and make an impact on the world.

But now she's faced with a problem: should she stay or should she go home? In Belfast everyone thinks she's a posh twat, and in England everyone also thinks she's a posh twat (she went to Cambridge so that makes up for the accent).

Niamh belongs nowhere, so come see her joke about things she really shouldn't.

Also, if anyone has a job going? That would be lovely.


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