One Degree Under

20:00, Mon 14th – Tue 15th October 2019 Venue to be confirmed
Michaelmas Week 1

A student has been found dead of blood poisoning.
A professor has returned from sabbatical with, like, an awful new man.
And a lost pet's collar has been dredged up from the river Cam.

...Is it just us, or is it getting cold in here?

Welcome to the world of ❄ ONE DEGREE UNDER ❄, a chilling new podcast airing this Michaelmas. Inspired by the likes of Black Mirror and Inside No. 9, the show is an anthology of miniature mysteries all about life at university. Sometimes they'll be twisted, sometimes tragic, sometimes terrifying - and some weeks they might even be all three! - but with every last one of our tales our writers, cast and crew will keep you second-guessing the whole way through.

And so, as the nights grow short and the frost sets in, why not pop the kettle on and give our show a listen? We promise you, it'll be scarier than a DoS meeting...



Jake (Paranoia)
Lily (Paranoia)
B (Conspiracy)
A (Conspiracy)
Lecturer (Paranoia)
Lecturer (NightSwimming)
Oli (Paranoia)
Becca (Paranoia)
Natasha (Conspiracy)
Louise (Conspiracy)
Layla (NightSwimming)
Emma (NightSwimming)
Kiran (NightSwimming)
Student 1 (NightSwimming)
Student 2 (NightSwimming)
Student 3 (NightSwimming)
Student 4 (NightSwimming)
Tom (NightSwimming)
Swimmer 1 (NightSwimming)
Swimmer 2 (NightSwimming)


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Production Team

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