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    The Boathouse (Short Film)
    By Hans Brinkmann and Ryan Kilbourne

    15:00, Fri 3rd May – Sun 23rd June 2019 Venue to be confirmed
    Easter Week 1 to Summer Vacation

    The Boathouse is a family drama/thriller which aims to bring social issues to light through the relationship of two brothers living two very different lives. The bitter relationship between the two brothers is a metaphor for the rising social divide, tensions and clashes in our society.

    Charles (50-55 years old) is struggling to make ends meet and support himself. He recently signed up to be a food delivery driver. Steve (60-65 years old), Charles’s older brother, is well off. He recently retired and regularly goes fishing. The two brothers randomly meet in front of the boat house. They brutally fight over some unfinished family business when the worst happens.


    Production Team

    Assistant Producer
    Cinematographer –
    Assistant Director