Club Night

    21:30, Mon 4th May 2020 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 2

    You enter. Only illuminated is a DJ deck and its DJ. Specifically Dee-Jay’s (Dee-Jay, short for Davy Jones, short for David Michaelangelo Jones III) Deck who stands entranced in their set. Cue blaring beats and lightning lights -- as we reveal that it is, in fact, DeeJay and his DJ decks that control the show, providing the framework for the sketches that will ensue, the characters (and their lives) who enter the nightclub each night. We learn what goes on in the toilets, on the dance floor, at the bar, in the smoking area and in one hour, for one night, we play out what happens in one night at Bizzare (read like Ballare).
    The club is a site for every libidinal urge - sexual, relaxational, danceual - to be satisfied
    from c.11pm to c. 2am (6am, if dissociating in the uber back from junction) in confining, dark walls and sticky floors, the club becomes a dense microcosm of society's basest instincts released and unrepressed. Club Night is a ballad to that sweet frenzied intellectual shutdown.


    Production Team