Madame Bovary: a radio play
    By Martha French, based on the novel by Gustave Flaubert

    00:00, Wed 1st July – Sun 30th August 2020 at Online
    Summer Vacation

    “When the sun burns warm above, 
    A maiden’s mind goes straight to love”

    ‘Madame Bovary’ follows Emma, a bookish young woman, from her engagement to accomplished - but ultimately uninteresting - doctor Charles Bovary and traumatic pregnancy to scandalous encounters with volatile lovers and an eventual, devastating bankruptcy.

    This tragic tale of the loss of agency, of companionship, and ultimately of the self through marriage and motherhood in 19th century France speaks directly and importantly to our contemporary experiences of loneliness and isolation. Emma’s dry observation and shrewd commentary becomes our own - as Flaubert famously declared of his plucky protagonist: “C’est moi”.

    Experience the beloved realist classic like never before in this new, student-written radio play. Adapted from a script first performed in Pembroke New Cellars in 2019, this production reworks Flaubert's narrative, with a distinct focus on the value and power of the female voice.


    Leon; Rodolphe; Chemist's Son
    Charles; Priest; Guillaumin
    Chemist; Chairman; Lheureux
    Nurse; Maid; Wife; Madame Bovary Senior


    Violin –
    Viola –
    Bass, Piano –

    Production Team

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