23:00, Wed 15th – Sat 18th January 2020 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 0

    Sitcoms are the comfort food of students, we use them as a reward for completing an essay or for well-deserved binge at term’s end. Skitcom, a sketch show, will create a single Sitcom episode comprised of 10-12 large sketches and 5-6 ads smaller ad sketches, utilising 2-3 character troupes from sitcoms. Skitcom will be comprised of 3 sets - a coffee shop, flat and office, all capable of being lit separately. The audience will be introduced to each duo or trio in their setting (e.g. flat) through 3 opening sketches. This will establish characterisations which remain consistent within in all proceeding sketches and also introduce links between characters in the other opening sketches.The following sketches will utilise the different sets with characters being separated from their original setting. New relationships will be established and conflicts arise and be resolved. Each sketch with advance the overall narrative and be broken up by a blackout and the segue music used in Sitcoms, as well as sketch adverts. The result - 50 minutes of situation comedy and 90s nostalgia made from short sketches connected by an overarching narrative. Volia: a Skitcom.


    Production Team