Preston Society Filmmakers presents...

    Persephone's Persona - Short Film
    By Gaia Mondadori

    20:00, Tue 30th November – Wed 1st December 2021 Venue to be confirmed
    Michaelmas Week 8

    Perspephone’s Persona is an original short-film following an actor’s struggle to embody the role of the mythic Persephone, explored through the lens of the Jungian shadow-self, ego and persona. Surreal and folkloric tones are merged in a real-world setting, inviting a vivid blurring of imagination and reality, where the powerplay of shadow and self is embodied in a battle between light and dark.

    Alongside a collection of other student-films, Persephone's Persona will be screened to an audience in Week 8.


    The Shadow/The Director

    Production Team

    Cinematographer –
    Assistant Director ,
    Movement Director/Assistant Director –
    Publicity Designer
    Sound Mixer/Boom Operator –