By Tom Chandler

    21:30, Tue 25th – Sat 29th October 2022 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 3

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    death, murder, alcohol abuse, drugs, blood

    N.B. this show has been cancelled

    A new, student-written horror, ‘Edward’ tackles questions of democracy, our histories, and guilt. John and Billy happen upon each other at an Old Boys event for their college; John’s an admiral and Billy a politician but how exactly the country should be governed is a point of contention. As they reconnect, the spectre of their past begins to haunt them. Their guilt begins to bubble up, as do homoerotic tensions, and they are forced to relive their darkest days of university. Experimenting with the boundary between theatre and performance art, this play aims to unsettle whilst questioning on what kind of men have we built the foundation of our country.

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