Girtonian Nights
    By Zac Copeland-Greene & Lauren Court with Harry Goolnik

    21:30, Tue 29th November 2022 at Girton College Old Hall
    21:30, Thu 1st December 2022 at Girton College Old Hall
    Michaelmas Week 8

    Girton Amateur Dramatic Society’s annual pantomime is back and better than ever.

    Girtonian Nights is a fresh take on the story of Aladdin with our usual Girton twist.

    Having lost her job for "tardiness and inappropriate use of social media" the former Mistress of Girton College is down on her luck but when her closest advisor tells her of a secret Health and Safety Manual that could be the key to her regaining power, she'll somehow become embroiled in Spring Ball Committee romance, Laundry Room shenanigans and whatever the hell is going on in the Bike Sheds...


    The Mistress
    Bikey Mikey
    Cleaner Cathy
    Head Porter
    Genie-r Bursar

    Production Team

    Technical Director
    Set Designer ,
    Light Design –
    Director, Publicity –
    Co-Writer, Co-Producer – ,