Macbeth (Online!)
    By William Shakespeare

    19:00, Sat 9th September 2023 at / a virtual live-recorded performance.
    Summer Vacation

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    Violence & Murder
    Implied suicide
    Implied child loss

    An age-old tragedy of ambition and fate brought into new light: in a world of corporate greed, the man with the capital is King. But the King is dead, and Macbeth now wears the crown.

    How far will someone go to achieve their ambitions?
    How far can someone ignore their consciousness?
    And how long does Macbeth have until Fate catches up to him?

    Corporate espionage; it’s cut-throat.

    Macbeth (Online!) presents a one-night only fundraiser performance for Crisis UK. From rehearsals to performance night, this show is conducted entirely online, exploring Shakespeare's gothic classic with dynamic contemporary flavour. Check us out on Instagram at macbeth_online and to receive the link for our recorded show!


    Lady Macbeth
    Duncan & Ensemble
    Witch, Lady Macduff & Ensemble
    Witch, Fleance & Ensemble
    Ross, Donalbain & Ensemble
    Witch, Lennox & Ensemble

    Production Team

    Sound and Technical Director –
    Assistant Director ,
    Assistant Producer and Charity Officer –
    Costume Designer and Welfare Rep –
    Poster Designer –
    Sound Designer
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    Video Director