Then We Fall -- Downing Festival of New Writing
    By Robin Cantwell

    19:00, Sat 11th March 2023 at Howard Theatre, Downing College
    Lent Week 7

    Paris, 1928. Still basking in the global fame of his novel Ulysses, James Joyce hires bright-eyed graduate Samuel Beckett to be his literary assistant. Together they are tasked with Joyce’s most ambitious project yet: the avant-garde epic that is Finnegans Wake. But under mounting pressure from his publisher and with Beckett’s own star on the rise, Joyce struggles to live up to the world’s great expectations.

    A performance of the opening act of Then We Fall, as part of the Downing Festival of New Writing.

    Writer -- Robin Cantwell
    Directors -- Elizabeth Wiener & Hedda Bird
    Cast -- Joshua Herberg, Eliza Harrison and Hugo Williamson


    Samuel Beckett
    Sylvia Beach
    Ernest Hemingway

    Production Team