Will BF: THE LAST GUN (Edinburgh Fringe)
    By Will Bicknell-Found

    14:45, Wed 2nd – Mon 28th August 2023 at Underbelly, Dexter
    Summer Vacation

    In a world with only one gun, one man stands in the way of world peace. His name... Sketch Comedian Will BF, his weapon: being silly.

    You blow the dust off the VHS blue-tacked to the back of the Declaration of Independence... and sneeze a sneeze only snozed by those who are destined to find... The Last Gun.

    Fresh outta the splash-hit ChuckSalmon: Pool Noodles, join Musical Comedy Awards finalist 2023 and Sketch Off finalist 2023 and 2022, Will BF for some 'Supremely put-together tosh' (Scotsman) and 'preposterous characters, restrained stupidity' (



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