Clare College Music Society presents...

    The Story of My Life
    By Neil Bartman and Brian Hill

    20:00, Fri 16th – Sat 17th February 2024 at Clare College Chapel
    Lent Week 4

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    Death, funeral, alluding to suicide

    'There’s gotta be thousands of stories in that head of yours, Tom. Just pick one and write it down.'

    Thomas stands at the funeral podium, struggling to come up with a eulogy for his eccentric best friend Alvin. Then he is visited by Alvin’s ghost, who prompts Thomas to remember a story from their childhood. Then another story. And another. Through music and manuscripts, they recount stories about the buildup and breakdown of their friendship spanning three decades, from building snow angels to saying goodbyes.

    Accompanied by an on-stage band, The Story of My Life is an intimate musical that makes us think about the special friends in our lives who have changed us for the better.

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    Thomas Weaver
    Alvin Kelby


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