UNIT: The Remnants
    By Owain Smith

    19:00, Sat 5th October – Sat 2nd November 2024 at Online (Spotify/YouTube/other)
    Summer Vacation to Michaelmas Week 3

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    UNIT. Defenders of the Earth. Protectors against threats both human and alien alike. Or at least they used to be.

    After a disastrous attack, the UK is startled to learn that aliens are real (again). But they know this, the attacks have happened regularly for months now. Or have they? And who exactly is Paul Thornberry, leader of a party that didn’t exist the day before?

    A band of rogue elements in the organisation watch as the UK’s division is torn apart (again). Elsewhere, a young man loses everything he holds dear. But he remembers another life. A better life. Forced together as an unseen force rewrites the rules, these misfits must work together to stop their enemy. Because someone is tampering in Britain’s politics (again), with devastating consequences.

    And this time, the Doctor is nowhere to be seen.

    This story is set within the wider universe of Doctor Who*, with original characters, new friends and enemies, and who knows, the occasional familiar face may appear…. Like the show that inspired it, this story is packed with monsters, laughs, drama, and as many corridors as you can run down.

    UNIT: The Remnants is one story set across 5 x ~1-hour episodes, covering many different settings in space and time. These range from everyday high streets, to battlefields, to alien corridors and more.

    The production cycle is expected to last a few months and will air the episodes weekly online starting in October 2024.

    *This is an independent not-for-profit fan production and has no affiliation with Bad Wolf or the BBC.

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    AUDIO DRAMA - UNIT: The Remnants is looking for a CORE PROD TEAM – read more...

    UNIT: The Remnants is continuing applications for the core prod team. This audio drama is set in the amazing universe of Doctor Who*. This is going to be an exciting project and we'd love for you to get involved! We are looking for: Sound Designer(s)  Sound Editor(s)  Composer(s)  Welfare Officer(s) (*This is an independent not-for-profit fan made production that has no affiliation with Bad Wolf or the BBC)

      For more details, read the full advert or contact oes24 before 13th May 2024 23:59.


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