CAST 1998: Macbeth
    By William Shakespeare

    20:00, Tue 1st September 1998 - Tue 6th October 1998 at Venues across the UK and America
    Summer Vacation to Michaelmas Week 0

    The Camdram entry for this show has been added retrospectively by the CAST 2018 Tour Managers.
    All information is based on an archived programme.
    This show was never known under the title of "CAST" at the time but it is credited as being the precursor to the first official CAST tour in 2000. Instead, this tour of the Eastern United States was funded by CUADC.
    If you have any more information regarding this show or would like to know more, please get in touch.


    Macbeth -
    Rosse, Serving-woman -
    Lady Macbeth, Lor -
    Malcolm, Murderer -
    Banquo, Doctor, Lord -
    Macduff -
    Duncan, Porter, Murderer, Lord -

    Production Team

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