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Girlboss – Performer/Writer

19:00, Mon 27th June 2022 at The Portland Arms

Full-time girls and part-time bosses, Dulcie and Ella, are finding out what it takes to be that girl. You know the one. The one who gets up at 6am and goes on a jog for fun? Yes! Minty from pilates with the house in France. Ugh. But how can they be that girl when they are just…. A girl?
Join this Cambridge comedy double-act for an hour of characters, sketches, and boardroom meetings as they ponder the age-old question: “how does a girl…boss?”
Girlboss follows gorgeous gorgeous girls Dulcie and Ella, as they dissect the expectations of being a girl…nay A W-O-M-A-N. They ask the important questions. Why should a woman work? (No offense suffragettes) Why are women in stem? (Set them free!) And why haven’t their boo-thang’s texted them back? Oh wait, they just did. Over the course of the hour, Dulcie questions everything after the stars tell her her future is “mega bleak” , Ella is mansplained what a tree does, and both girl bosses become their version of Women In (everybody else’s) Business.
Through it all, we meet wacky characters, embrace every aspect of being a woman, and put on a fast-paced, empowering hour of character-sketches from two “incredibly witty” and “magnificently comic” comediennes. (Varsity ★★★★★)


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