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Perfect Mendacity - Director

21:30, Tue 25th February 2020 - Sat 29th February 2020 at Corpus Playroom

A microbiologist for a defence contractor is being investigated by his employer over an incriminating memo leaked to the press. He thinks his wife may have done the whistleblowing - to protect her and himself, he must learn how to beat a lie detector. With his best friend spying on him, his wife opening old wounds and his polygraph consultant uncovering his dark secrets, he is forced down a path of paranoia and bitterness.

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  • Comic Sans Men, Again - Improvisor

    23:00, Wed 4th March 2020 - Sat 7th March 2020 at ADC Theatre

    They say third time's the charm, although the first two times were pretty charming too! Join us for Comic Sans Men Again when we return to grace the ADC stage with an hour of hilarity, without a sc…

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