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MILLICENT - A Short Concept Film – Costume Designer

15:00, Thu 13th – Fri 21st June 2024 at TBC

The vibrant, spirited Millicent Henning makes only brief appearances in Henry James’s 1886 novel ‘The Princess Casamassima’ - but her vivacious influence extends long after her departure. Millicent - a lively, scathing and witty dressmaker - becomes entangled with Hyacinth - an old childhood friend who is now a wealthy, well-travelled gentleman. As their lives unexpectedly collide in the bustle of Victorian London, Hyacinth’s unexpected affection for Millicent threatens to overturn plans for his own life, while Millicent’s simultaneous involvement with other suitor Captain Sholto provides the thrill and lifeblood of the novel as we anticipate Millicent’s decision.
This short concept film will spotlight Millicent and her entanglements with Hyacinth and Sholto, focused mainly on the episodes which take place in Millicent’s dressmaking shop. It will explore the stifling conventions of Victorian politeness and the witty heroine who overturns them, as well as the duty to do what is expected of you - and the surprising encounters which can often disrupt this.


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  • Pride and Prejudice: A Concept Film – Assistant Director, Costume Designer, Co-Producer, Publicity Officer(s), Location Scout

    19:00, Thu 20th June 2024 at Old Divinity School, St John's College

    Film project across the course of Lent term.

    Pride and Prejudice: A Concept Film is a short film version of Jane Austen’s beloved social comedy/romance. It is condensed down to four scenes, in order…

  • A Comedy About A Priest – Writer, Director

    19:00, Tue 22nd – Sat 26th October 2024 at Corpus Playroom

    In a little parish in the depths of rural England, a new Priest is ready to make his debut. Little does he know the many challenges that await him, including scones, rivalries, passionate love affairs,…


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