Kiss of the Spider Woman

    19:45, Sun 11th August 2002 - Sun 25th August 2002 at The Underbelly
    Summer Vacation

    In this new and chilling production of Puig's exceptional play, two men - each scarred by secrets and self-hatred - search for their own kind of beauty in an otherwise hopeless world that has rejected them. Encarcerated in a Buenos Aires prison, Molina tries to escape the realities of his cell through the metaphor of a film he thinks he has seen. Valentin struggles with his own demons, clinging to an ideology that maybe he never believed in the first place. First performed by Mark Rylance and Simmon Callow, Kiss of the Spider Woman contains two of the most challenging male parts in modern theatre. Threatening and fascinating, and accompanied by an original score, the ADC's production asks again and again the haunting questions: what does it mean to be beautiful, and what is the price you have to pay to achieve it?


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