An Evening with Joe: Stalin The Musical
    By James Stephens

    00:00, Wed 30th July – Sun 24th August 2003 at C-1, Edinburgh
    Summer Vacation

    An Evening with Joe - Stalin the Musical is a rapid, revolutionary romp through thirty years of action-packed commie history.

    The year is 1924 and following Lenin's death, Stalin and Trotsky battle for power and the hand of the alluring, er... Mrs Stalin. As with all naive, lefty pipe-dreams, things soon go awry. Of course, genocide and suicice hardly help these matters...

    Yet Stalin, for all his perversions and purges manages, in true musical theatre style, to save the day. Ha!

    Profound and challenging for the mildly intoxicated, this show brings Edinburgh all that is best in the genre of genocidal musical comedy.


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