Folie a Deux
    By Lucy Barwell, Lucy Bond and Rachel Macdonald

    19:00, Tue 26th – Sat 30th October 2004 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 3

    Based on the events of the Hulme
    and Parker murder trial of the 1950s, Folie a Deux explores the tender
    relationship of two girls that spirals out of control. Trapped in 1950s New
    Zealand – characterised by judgement, religion and the need to keep up
    appearances – the girls take refuge in each other’s company. Creating
    fantasy stories and a religion of their own, Juliet and Pauline finally
    find the freedom they have been longing for. When their suspicious parents
    attempt to split them up, the girls panic. Only one thing can save them now
    – murder.


    Production Team