The Bacchae: After Euripides
    By Euripides (adapted by Simon Evans)

    22:00, Tue 2nd – Sat 6th November 2004 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Michaelmas Week 4

    The Bacchae is the ultimate Greek tragedy, combining tense dialogue, unforgetable characters, matricide, mass slaughter and a little bit of lesbianism to keep everyone's attention. This brand new re-working combines original text with modern langauge to create a new and exciting play set in the world of the 1920's, featuring sex, violence, unbelievable magic and "all that jazz"!

    "Simon Evans’ version of The Bacchae is an assured and vigorous performance
    text. The writing is sharp and urgent, giving a contemporary feel without
    ever seeming self-conscious. None of the play’s challenges were ducked – in fact, several were given illuminating interpretations... The theatrical concept was extremely effective... There was a highly unified feel to the piece, and in terms of writing, directing, design and acting."
    Dr Peter Raby (editor of numerous Cambridge Companions, including Oscar Wilde and Harold Pinter)

    "This was a very exciting piece of theatre – coherent, original and
    theatrical... Simon Evans’ version is vivid and playable and his ensemble highly talented."
    Simon Waters, author of “World Music” (Donmar Theatre, 2004) and “After the Gods”


    Production Team