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    Introducing the Theatre of Tom Murphy
    By Dr Deana Rankin, Yvonne McDevitt, Liliane Campos, Saraid Dodd

    17:00, Mon 28th February 2005 at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
    Lent Week 6

    INTRODUCING THE THEATRE OF TOM MURPHY: a round-table discussion with live
    scenes from the theatre of an Irish outsider.

    Introducing a mini-season of Tom Murphy’s plays in Cambridge, we would like
    to invite you to a round-table discussion of his work on Monday the 28th of
    February, at 5 pm in the English Faculty Drama Studio (Sidgwick Site). The
    round-table will provide a general introduction to his work and place in
    contemporary Irish theatre, with more detailed presentations and
    discussions of live scenes from The Morning After Optimism (2-6th March,
    10.30pm, Fitzpatrick Hall) and Bailegangaire (8-12th March, 10.30pm,
    Pembroke New Cellars).

    The speakers will be Dr Deana Rankin, Yvonne McDevitt, Liliane Campos and
    Saraid Dodd. The discussion will be informal and all are welcome to take
    part: no prior knowledge of Murphy is necessary!

    ‘On the Outside…’ Dr Deana Rankin, Fellow of Girton College, will introduce
    Murphy and his position as an outsider in Irish theatre.

    ‘The Impact of EXILES (1912) by James Joyce on Tom Murphy’ Yvonne McDevitt,
    director and Judith E. Wilson Fellow, will take a look at Joyce’s influence
    on Murphy’s work.

    ‘A Theatre of Voices: voice acts and speech acts in Murphy’s Bailegangaire’
    Liliane Campos, director of Bailegangaire, will analyse the tension between
    voice and language in Murphy’s work. A short scene from Bailegangaire will
    be performed for discussion.

    ‘The Morning After Optimism: should we show it to children?’ Saraid Dodd,
    director of The Morning After Optimism, will give a director’s view on the
    play. A short scene from The Morning After Optimism will be performed for


    Production Team