La Passion D'Alexis
    By Jean Gillibert

    19:45, Tue 10th – Sat 14th May 2005 at ADC Theatre
    Easter Week 2

    An exciting mixture of physical theatre, musical and thriller, La Passion d'Alexis (sur-titled in English), written by the renowned French Playwright Jean Gillibert, tells the story of a murder that took place in a playground in 1930. The play starts ten years later, during the period of French history called "The Phoney War". The murderous schoolmates and their fiancées meet again for a last party before the men leave for the front. They come to dance, to forget the evil inside them, but they are consumed by remorse. Alexis is waiting for them. His spectral presence haunts the place, ready to take any form. He drags his old friends into a fantastic and cruel "cops and robbers" game - a dancing and singing game in the vindictive style of an American musical...


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