Cambridge University Contemporary Dance Workshop presents...


    22:30, Wed 26th January 2005 - Sat 29th January 2005 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 1

    Eclectic and energising, vibrant and visceral, the dances of Spectrum are a spectacular visual feast of colour and movement intertwined. A lifted arm is gilded by golden light; a dancer glides through a sea of blue; red passion is spoken through searing physical movement. Colour explodes into movement, while dance is painted in bright new hues.

    Spectrum is an evening of exciting new contemporary dance that investigates the colours of our world and lives. We invite you to step into the minds of 17 choreographers with highly diverse styles as they explore the emotions, signifi cance and possibilities of colour.

    Beautiful, universal, thought-provoking and exciting, in Spectrum you will fi nd that the human body is the most dazzling artist of all.


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