Cambridge University Light Opera Society presents...

    Wetmarsh College
    By Mark Wainwright and Roland Anderson

    17:30, Thu 4th – Sat 13th August 2005 at C Clerk Street, Edinburgh Fringe
    17:30, Mon 15th – Mon 29th August 2005 at C Clerk Street, Edinburgh Fringe
    Summer Vacation

    "Wetmarsh College" is a rollicking musical satire on Oxbridge life and its outdated chauvinistic ways. When a fellowship falls vacant at Wetmarsh College and the best candidate is a woman, will the fellows overcome their age-old prejudices to appoint her? Will Cooper, a philosophy student, succeed in his plan to blow up the college, and why is he so unhappy anyway? And does love really conquer all? Mark Wainwright's dazzlingly witty libretto is set to music by Roland Anderson in a sparkling classical pastiche, full of melodies Mozart would be proud of.


    Crocket / Bedder
    The Praelector
    The Master / Bedder
    Cooper / Bursar
    The Housekeeper / Fellow
    Dr. Middlebottom / Bedder
    Mrs Follett / Fellow
    Dr Slobovas


    Violin –
    Flute –
    Viola –
    Violin –
    Clarinet –
    Bassoon –
    Oboe –
    Cello –

    Production Team

    Technical Director ,
    Lighting Designer
    Assistant Musical Director
    Executive Producer – ,
    Company Manager –
    Director/Choreographer –
    Musical Director