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    Fuente Ovejuna
    By Lope De Vega

    19:45, Tue 18th July 2006 - Sat 22nd July 2006 at ADC Theatre
    Summer Vacation

    Rape, murder, revenge and honour in the wars of 15th Century Spain. The village of Fuente Ovejuna is being used as a base for a military expedition. The commander abuses his power and position, especially with the peasant women. Eventually he abducts and assaults the mayor's daughter on her wedding night. The villagers are outraged and take action, but their methods and results are far from predictable... The 2006 Town and Gown production, supported by the Amatuer Dramatic Club, will see Steven Siddall, director of 15 Arts Theatre productions, working with actors and technicians drawn both from the University and the local talent. A fantastic opportunity for students to collaborate with older and more experienced practioners, 'Fuente Ovejuna' will be a powerful and visually exciting production.


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