Gorilla in a Coma
    By Sellar, Flint, Bowie, Blyth et al.

    20:30, Thu 26th – Fri 27th October 2006 at Christ's New Court Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 3

    One things for certain, the first CADS sketch show of 2006 will be memorable!

    Who will escape the rapier wit of CADS' crack writing squad? Certainly not Colin Farrell, Walt Disney, David Cameron and his lot, The Femidom... the list continues. There may even be a Gorilla. In a coma. Banter. So if your feeling blue, or just happen to be sleepwalking naked in the Christ's area, why not pop down to the NCT for a "good" hour of "quality" entertainment. Who knows what will happen? I'm organising it and haven't got a clue!

    Lots of love and kisses,

    Ben x


    Production Team

    Director –