The Audition
    By James Johnson

    19:30, Tue 9th May 2006 - Sat 13th May 2006 at Pembroke New Cellars
    20:00, Sun 6th August 2006 - Sat 19th August 2006 at Jury's Inn, Edinburgh
    Easter Week 2 to Summer Vacation

    A psychological drama exploring the relationship between director and actress at an audition where the normal rules and etiquettes have all been dispensed with. This new drama is hard-hitting and spiky, both suggestive and revealing. An insight into the mindsets of the examiner and the examined. please visit; [The Venue260 is right in the heart of Edinburgh Royal Mile, our shared-between-6 3-rooms-flat is only 50m away from the venue and see all shows free at Venue260 and 45!]



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