The Jungle Book

    15:00, Tue 20th – Fri 23rd June 2006 at Emmanuel Fellows Gardens
    Easter May Week

    The ADC Mayweek show is taking your favourite Disney classic and adding an edge of sex, violence, fear and innovation. ‘The Jungle Book’ will transform Emma Gardens into a sexual fantasia of David Lynch inspired madness. Through the jungles humid mist one is never sure where their mind has taken them. Could it be a seedy strip joint, a grimy metal club or are you surrounded by yobs from a derelict urban oasis. Everything is ambiguous; everything is elusive. As we follow Mowgli through the realms of the ‘jungle’ we meet Big Issue selling Baloo, a pole dancing snake Kaa, a libertines-esque rock group ‘The Monkeys’, and a group of elephants in the midst of dementia. The tension is high, with the ominous presence of the bi-curious sexual predator, Shere Khan. ‘The Jungle Book’ promises to be like looking through a kaleidoscope of non-sensical madness. Vividly imaginative, it will use physical theatre to truly bring the vibrant jungle animals to life. On a hot lazy drunken Mayweek afternoon- walking into Emma Gardens will be like stepping back into the psychedelic trip you had at King’s Affair the night before. Enjoy the classic songs and old tale with a bit of spice and humour- it will be the most fun to be had at a Mayweek Show.


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