Ant & Elephant Production presents...

    The Living Room
    By Graham Greene

    19:00, Tue 24th – Sat 28th October 2006 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 3

    One of the most reknown authors of the mid-twentieth century has written this harrowing tragedy about a young girl who falls in love with an older, married man. Upon the death of her parents she moves in with two maiden aunts and an uncle who is a crippled priest. The passion of her love cannot be disguised for long in such surroundings. The affair is thrown into the open in a blistering scene. The girl does not feel that loving the man of her life is in any way wrong or indecent, but each episode in the closing plot leads her deeper and deeper into an inextricable situation. Finally, the wife of the man comes to see the young girl, and the tragic circle is completed. The girl struggles fiercely against all the forces within her and without, until she is entirely overwhelmed by the descending tragedy.


    Rose Pemberton
    Michael Dennis
    James Browne
    Helen Browne
    Teresa Browne
    Mrs Dennis

    Production Team

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