Little Epic Theatre Company presents...

    Troy... The Musical!
    By N. Hatton, D. Trigg

    19:30, Thu 30th November 2006 - Sat 2nd December 2006 at Bateman Auditorium, Caius
    Michaelmas Week 8

    A panto-style musical featuring pop, rock and country classics set in the Trojan War with music brought to you by a local live band 'The Dead Letter Society' and featuring a mystery celebrity from the Classics faculty (clue...he's been on the beeb).

    All proceeds (i.e. every penny that comes from ticket sales!) is going to a charity called hand-in-hand based in Ghana which rescues and houses disabled and abandoned children: a fun and easy way to do your bit this Christmas!


    Achilles -
    Ajax -
    Odysseus -
    Hermes -
    Helenos -
    Neoptolomus -
    Philoctetes -
    Paris -
    Helen of Troy -
    Epeios -
    Big Brother -
    Priam -
    Laocoon -
    Snakes -
    Anchises -


    Vocals -
    Keyboard -
    Guitar -
    Bass -

    Production Team

    Stage Manager -
    Wardrobe/Props -
    Lighting/Sound -