By Henrik Ibsen

    20:00, Tue 13th – Fri 16th March 2007 at School Of Pythagoras
    Lent Week 8

    'Ghosts' is an extraordinary play, recently described by 'The Guardian' as being "a masterpiece." Ibsen described 'Ghosts' as the work he "had to write." Dealing with characters who are unable to escape their pasts, the 'ghosts' of duty and public opinion come to dominate and ruin the lives of the five characters of the Alving and Engstrand families. Touching, among other subjects, syphilis, prostitution, sibling incest, free love and euthanasia, through what one translator, Michael Meyer, called "double-density dialogue" in which characters say one thing while meaning another, 'Ghosts' is an attack on the extent that society invades personal lives.


    Mrs Alving
    Oswald Alving
    Regine Engstrand
    Pastor Manders

    Production Team