Murder Mystery Dinner

    18:15, Thu 15th November 2007 at Downing College
    Michaelmas Week 6

    A lavish formal but with DEATH! What more could you want?

    You come along as a guest to a Reunion after 10 years away from college, but some of the staff and students don't get on as well as they used to...then the bodies start mounting up...

    You will have chance to mingle with the characters in the Howard Building with a sparkling wine reception and then move over to the Hall for the meal itself, but tempers are quick and nostalgia is replaced by something else...a desire for revenge.

    This will be a fantastic event and a first for Downing and one of the last big events in the Hall before it's closed, so grab the opportunity whilst you can! It is open to everyone so do bring your friends along!


    Dr. David Blackburn
    Esmee Faircroft
    Sasha Denton-Wilde
    Dr. Fennella Brodie
    Major Dickie Bennett
    Simon Reed

    Production Team