Cruel and Tender
    By Martin Crimp

    19:00, Tue 29th April 2008 - Sat 3rd May 2008 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 1

    "There are women who believe all men are rapists. I don't believe that because if I did believe that how - as a woman - could I go on living with the label 'victim'? Because I am not a victim - oh no - that's not a part I'm willing to play - believe me."

    Far away a battle rages and an entire city is turned to dust. Amelia can't sleep. She waits for news of her husband. He's a great General and this seems to be a decisive victory. But when the motives for war start to look disturbingly personal, his wife becomes desperate to hold on to his love.

    Martin Crimp's new play takes Sophocles' ancient story of marriage and violence - The Trachiniae - and propels it into a modern world of political hypocrisy and emotional terrorism.


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