DEVILS - Footlights 125th Anniversary Tour Show

    15:10, Wed 30th July – Tue 12th August 2008 at Underbelly, Edinburgh
    15:10, Thu 14th – Sun 24th August 2008 at Underbelly, Edinburgh
    00:00, Tue 7th – Sat 11th October 2008 at ADC Theatre
    Summer Vacation to Michaelmas Week 0

    On their 125th anniversary, the world famous Cambridge Footlights come charging back with their eagerly anticipated, brand new show, "Devils".

    Throughout their long and grand history, Footlights continue to be an unparalleled force in British comedy. The club's luminaries range from Peter Cook and John Cleese to present day stars such as Mitchell and Webb, Sacha Baron Cohen, and last year's if.comedy Best Newcomer, Tom Basden. "Devils" is the culmination of a fantastically successful year for a club, as the finest few comedians have been plucked from one of the largest and hardest-working comedy institutions in the world, to present a stunning mosaic of sketches, monologues, songs and more.


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