The Grand Duke
    By WS Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan

    13:00, Wed 18th June 2008 at Queens' College Chapel
    Easter May Week

    "The Grand Duke" was the final collaboration of Gilbert & Sullivan and for the last century it has been largely overlooked for the last century on account of its experimental score and rather convoluted plot; nonetheless the plot is full of many splendid characters and delightfully theatrical hysterics, while Sullivan's sparkling score contains many gems suggesting a shift towards the more Viennese style of operetta-writing.

    This May Week we will be reviving this last great opus, (not performed in Cambridge for many many years) in a semi-staged concert performance (followed, as ever, by our annual garden party), and we are looking for a talented cast to bring this exciting show to life. Telling the story of a humble actor who decides to take over the world and ends up with four wives in the process, with the help of sausage rolls, statutory duels and the game of roulette, "The Grand Duke" is definitely not to be missed!


    Grand Duke Rudolph
    Ernest Dummkopf
    Dr. Tannhauser
    The Prince of Monte Carlo
    Ben Hashbaz
    The Baroness von Krakenfeldt
    The Princess of Monte Carlo
    Gretchen/1st Girl
    Elsa/2nd Girl
    Bertha/3rd Girl
    Olga/4th Girl

    Production Team

    Musical Director
    Assistant Musical Director
    Pianists – ,