'When You Cure Me'
    By Jack Thorne

    19:30, Tue 22nd – Thu 24th April 2008 at Homerton College Small Studio
    19:30, Fri 25th – Sat 26th April 2008 at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
    Easter Week 0

    Rachel and Peter are seventeen. They have been going out for six months and its love’s young dream. Then Rachel gets ill. She doesn’t want her mum to fuss; she doesn’t want Alice to pretend to be her best friend; and she certainly doesn’t want Alice’s boyfriend telling bad jokes at her bedside. The only person she wants is Peter, but Peter doesn’t know what he wants. 'When You Cure Me' is a bittersweet and poignant tale of love and misunderstanding, a story about discovering that what you say and do can be very different from what you think and feel.


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