Suits Of Solemn Black
    By Adam Hollingworth

    22:00, Wed 18th February 2009 - Sat 21st February 2009 at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)
    Lent Week 5

    Martin Cranmer, self-made entrepreneur and overbearing patriarch, is dead. The family he left behind gather on the eve of his funeral. His widow Judith faces a clouded and uncertain future, his brother John must confront his true feelings for her, his three sons must find a new place within the family, and his two uncommunicative, very different daughters must face the true pain of the past they long to escape. As night stretches into morning, each one’s relationships with everyone else is questioned, and the effect the authoritarian, uncompromising father had on each of them is brutally realised. In an ambitious, intensely powerful piece of new writing, Adam Hollingworth exposes the weak foundations of supposedly unconditionally loving bonds, the damaging and reverberating effect of abuse, and the struggles which lie at the heart of family loyalty and personal liberation.


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