The Tragical History and Glorious Demise of Doctor John Faustus
    By Christopher Marlowe, adpated by Scott M. Hadley

    20:00, Tue 17th November 2009 - Sat 21st November 2009 at Emmanuel Queen's Building
    Michaelmas Week 6

    Doctor John Faustus is a desperate man. All alone, frustrated by his studies, he struggles to move on in life. Then, when he's introduced to the Dark Arts a world of opportunities opens up to him; money, women, success. However, there is one condition; signing away his soul to Lucifer, prince of Hell. Faustus enters into the pact and embarks on a fantastical journey, meeting Helen of Troy and the Seven Deadly Sins along the way. But what will result when Lucifer returns to claim on his debt?

    First performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer, Scott M. Hadley's adaptation partially modernises Marlowe's original script into a dynamic hour of theatre. This fast-paced, visual production offers a bold new interpretation of a classic story.


    Lucifer -
    Mephistopholes -
    Wagner -
    Valdes -
    Cornelius -
    Scholar -
    Priest -
    Horse Courser -
    Pride -
    Avarice -
    Wrath -
    Gluttony -

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