Bouncers - The Remix
    By John Godber

    19:00, Tue 9th – Sat 13th November 2010 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 5

    'Pure and dirty, innocent and vulgar, it all withers, washes away. Eighteen going on thirty-five, because they think they're got to, because they're forced to... I dunno.'

    John Godber's 'Bouncers' is a fantastic play which balances insightful wit, crude humour bordering on the scatological and genuine, thought-provoking moral commentary into an energised piece that has widespread performance success from London to the Edinburgh Fringe. The play relies on fast-paced delivery from four flexible male actors who must seamlessly change between a plethora of characters which vary widely in personality, age and gender.

    Four talented male actors guide you through a twisted scenario of lads on the pull, drunken girls, rave maniacs, DJs, pornstars and the titular Bouncers who stand trying to make sense of the whole mess in their own twisted, sardonic way. Bouncers promises an hilarious experience of visual and aural immersion whilst also posing the poignant question of why humanity will so willingly degrade itself for a cheap thrill.


    'Lucky' Eric

    Production Team

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