Much Ado About Nothing
    By William Shakespeare

    00:00, Wed 1st – Thu 30th September 2010 at Venues all over Japan in venues of up to over 2000 seats each
    Summer Vacation

    Pembroke Players' JAPAN TOUR 2010

    MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING William Shakespeare

    'I do suffer love indeed, for I do love thee against my will.'

    Want to spend three weeks in Japan this summer, travelling twelve thousand miles and performing Shakespeare to four thousand students?

    For the past three years Pembroke Players have been running an annual Japan Tour which is now, along with CAST and ETG, the most prestigious and successful international student theatre tour in Cambridge.

    The 2010 Tour will perform Much Ado About Nothing in seven or eight universities around Japan, in venues of up to 2,000 seats each, over a period of three weeks in September 2010. Between performances we hold workshops on acting and directing for Japanese students.

    On return to the UK, the Tour completes a home run in Cambridge. Two years ago we performed in the incredible atmosphere of King's College Chapel, and also in the Japanese Embassy in London. This year we're looking to do the same, and also call in on a central London theatre.

    The personal cost to you would be no more than £300, probably less.

    Those travelling to Japan will need to be able to commit to be free from early August to the start of October next year.

    There will be 6 male and 4 female roles. Those with SINGING, DANCE and other MUSICAL skills are particularly welcome.

    Much Ado About Nothing is Shakespeare's biting comedy about the sharpest-witted hero and heroine in history. This bitter-sweet play will be set in Edwardian England – a world of pantaloons, bicycles, croquet and Votes for Women. In this war of the sexes, who will come out the victor?


    Dogberry/Don John
    Don Pedro/Seacoal

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